Men's shoes for all occasions

The man's shoes are by far the most important piece of clothing at all. It does not do much to spend a lot of money on a tailored suit and then wear cheap shoes. This destroys the entire appearance.

Men´s shoes by Handmacher Austria


The Oxford is considered the most formal men's shoe and fits very well with the suit and formal occasions.

Derby shoes

This type of men's shoes is also known in English as Blucher and are characterized by an open lacing. This means that the side parts of the men's shoe are sewn on the front part. The part of the men's shoe which covers the toes and the instep passes into the tongue.

The Monk

The buckle, which runs across the men's shoe, gives this shoe its name. This shoe only comes into its own if the trouser legs have a corresponding length. Have short. For men's shoes, which are equipped with two buckles one speaks of a Double Monk.


This men's shoe is only something for brave men and very rarely seen in the streetscape. The main feature of this men's shoe are two different colors in conjunction with a perforated hole. In the past, this men's shoe was mainly worn by jazz musicians in the classic color combination black / white.


Originally, this men's shoe, as the name suggests, comes from Norway and was worn by fishermen. The distinguishing feature of this men's shoe is the central dividing seam on the ski lace. This shoe is due to its rustic look mainly for the leisure sector.


The loafer, pronounced loafer, is a men's shoe to slip in. Scoffers claim that these types of men's shoes are only for old men who cannot bend over to lace the shoes. The loafer is more of an informal men's shoe compared to a lace-up shoe and is mostly worn on private occasions or at leisure.

Men's shoes with closed lacing

In these men's shoes, the two sides of the upper, which are pulled together with the shoelaces, are sewn under the front part of the shoe and close under the attached tongue. Thus, these men's shoes look a little tidier and therefore more formal than men's shoes with an open lacing.

Men's shoes with open laces

An open lacing in men's shoes can be recognized by the fact that the side parts of the shoe are sewn on the front part and the front part of the men's shoe, which covers the instep and toes, passes into the tongue.
Below we would like to give you an overview of the different types of men's shoes: