Men's slippers are not for everyone

Men slippers should not be missing in any classic men's wardrobe, these belong but virtually to the basic equipment of each man. Critics reject this "female shoe type" basically, while the men Slipper or his ancestors can look back on a long and eventful history. Already the Indians used the moccasin, a shoe, which did without lacing and without heels and knew about the comfort of this shoe.
The moccasin is, so to speak, the forefather and obstetrician of today's men's slippers, which has evolved over the centuries and is now enjoying great popularity. Until a few years ago mocked as "old man's shoe", the men's slippers today and especially by young men like to wear. The main advantage of men's slippers is without a doubt in their comfort and comfort, especially in the summer. The comfort already begins when putting on these men's shoes, a shoehorn to slide in comfortably enough.

Men's slippers are standard equipment for every man

The classic men's slipper is either black and blue and comes rather simple, which is an important requirement for wearing in the profession. Because still retains this slip shoe a certain negative image, where no one can really say how this is justified and where it comes from. There are men's slippers in countless variations in terms of the material and style used, the classic slipper is made in sewn-through style.
In this type of production, the different components of the men slipper, so the shaft, the outsole and the insole are connected by a fine seam. This style makes the slim lines of the men's shoe possible and still ensure a high quality. The outsole is about 6 mm thin in a typical men's slipper, which is also responsible for the low weight.