Men's sneakers

In modern leisure society, men's sneakers are no longer reserved for youth culture. With the development of a youthful company culture through young "smart" start-ups, it is no longer taboo in many places, even in professional life, to wear sporty footwear instead of classic men's shoes. Men's sneakers have been indispensable in the leisure sector for years anyway. However, this trend of accepting the wearing of men's sneakers in previously unimaginable areas, including expensive restaurants, casinos, operas and theatres, has also led to a partially decided rejection.
Men's sneakers are not for everyone. Some companies and institutions have therefore also started to explicitly specify a dress code that prohibits the wearing of men's sneakers in the respective company or area. Nonetheless - the advance of men's sneakers is unstoppable and will also open further bastions of conservative clothing culture. Even if men's sneakers will not be for everyone in the future and most business shoes will still be more conservative.