Modern men shoes or classic men's shoes?

Modern men's shoes in all their facets must always first meet the basic needs of footwear, which are comfort and health. The saying "who wants to be beautiful, must suffer" is, as in all other areas of life, completely out of place regarding men's shoes. Since the man is on average one-third of his life on the legs, it quickly becomes clear what importance modern men's shoes have to health.
In theory, that sounds good and logical, but as usual, the practice looks very different. It often starts with the development and design of modern men's shoes where the look of the shoe comes first. For marketing reasons, the so-called outfit often must be subordinated to everything else. That does not stop at the foot health. The result is bad-fitting shoes for the man, who are already in the corner after a short time.

Modern men's shoes must also be comfortable

It makes no sense at all to join any men's shoes trend or even subordinate when man feels uncomfortable in the shoes. There are certainly men's shoes, which are both very comfortable and at the same time modern men's shoes. Therefore, it is important to try the new pair of men's shoes in the eye, both shoes. Often in the shoe shop only a men's shoe, usually the right, issued. This approach is designed to prevent shoplifting and is also completely fine.
Let the sales staff give you the second shoe, put on both and walk up and down several times. If you do not feel right at home when trying on modern men's shoes, it's best to put your footwear back on the shelf and try another model. Your feet will thank you!