Monk shoes are classic men's shoes

The Monk shoes are classically elegant shoes for men. The name traditionally comes from the time when men's shoes had a wide strap with a fixed buckle, the buckle could be removed if necessary. This type of shoes was often worn by monks, which is why the name Monk shoes - monk shoe - has become common.

Monk Schuhe
Due to the high-quality workmanship, the selected good materials and the well-groomed look, Monk shoes are often worn by men who value style, elegance and a certain luxury on their feet. Monk shoes are a sign of individuality and show at first glance that the wearer maintains a very personal expression in public. These men's shoes express that the owner attaches great importance to style and does not prefer assembly line products.

Monk shoes - men's shoes of a special kind with buckle

The careful workmanship and craftsmanship still ensure in most cases a high-quality men's shoe that fits snugly on the foot and shapes a correct and elegant look in its appealing shape. Despite the industrialisation in the shoe industry, classic Monk shoes are still made by hand. The slightly higher price is justified by the high wearing comfort and the long durability. Only selected types of leather come into question for the production, and during the processing emphasis is placed on quality craftsmanship.

In general, Monk shoes are more formal and elegant, but a trend towards casual shoes has developed in recent years. These shoes still have their simple classic style, but the modern design and different types of leather show a lightness in appearance that makes it possible to wear Monk shoes at every occasion. It is also important to care for the high-quality leather. With special leather care products, soft cotton cloths and special brushes, the value of the leather can be maintained over a long period of time and, despite daily use, it always reveals its classy appearance.