Nailed shoes by Handmacher

Nailed shoes can look back on a very long history and had their heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Nowadays there are very few manufacturers who still master and offer this tried and tested way of manufacturing high-quality men's shoes. One of the leading suppliers of nailed shoes is the Austrian company Handmacher from Wels, which offers the largest selection of nailed shoes.

Genagelte Schuhe von Handmacher

The main difference between nailed shoes and all other styles is the way in which the shaft is connected to the insole and outsole. This is not done with a strong thread, as is the case with sewn shoes, but with small wooden nails, which are hammered into the sole in large numbers. Shoes nailed in this way are characterised by a very high level of comfort and just as easy to repair.