Norwegian shoes by Handmacher

In the autumn and winter months, many men worry about Norwegian shoes, because a pair of them should definitely be ready. As the name suggests, these men's shoes originally come from Norway. Norwegian shoes are derby shoes with a dividing seam in the toe and an open lacing. Thanks to a rubber sole, the Norwegian shoes are the ideal companion in snow and rain.

Norweger Schuhe - Handmacher Modell 28
However, there is also the French version with a leather sole, where the seams are kept subtle and the men's shoes are therefore very suitable. The sure-footed rubber profile sole, the robust appearance and the bulging, distinctive seam on the front of the shoe are particularly popular with sporty men. Most Norwegian shoes are made of rustic leather and the toe is slightly tapered. The shoes are particularly suitable for walks in nature and forest. The Norwegian shoes offer a very pleasant shoe climate and excellent comfort.