The right nubuck leather care

Proper nubuck leather care for suede or suede, as it is often called, is very important because of its special structure. To clean nubuck shoes, other care and aids are required than for smooth leather. After each purchase, you should first impregnate the surface of the shoes. This process is repeated about every five weeks to protect the leather from dirt and moisture and to increase the life of the shoes. For nubuck leather care, you only need a few utensils to keep your nubuck shoes looking good for a long time.

Nubuck leather care easy and quick

It is worth buying a special brush for cleaning nubuck shoes. Since nubuck leather is made of animal skin and therefore looks quickly smoothed when used, nubuck leather care with a brush will cause the fibrous surface of the leather to straighten up, giving it a natural and new look. On the other hand, the cleaning effect serves as preparation for further nubuck leather care. Use the special brush before each impregnation and make sure that nubuck leather always stays dry. Wet conditions make it hard and stain.

A nubuck eraser is ideal for nubuck leather care for lighter stains. You can use this to work on the soiled areas of your shoes by rubbing gently on the dry stain like with a normal eraser. If you apply nubuck leather care to your shoes on a regular basis, there will hardly be any major contamination and you will enjoy this soft, natural leather for a long time.

Shoes made of nubuck leather require special care

With very heavy soiling, soapy water is often recommended to clean nubuck shoes. If the stain is relatively small, there is no objection to this type of nubuck leather care if the shoe is then dried well and treated with the brush. This procedure is not recommended for larger areas. In this case, consult a specialist. He uses special deep cleaning agents that do not affect the soft texture of the nubuck leather.