Nubuck leather shoes are particularly fine men's shoes

Nubuck leather shoes are made from a special noble material. The leather is made from calfskin or cowhide and slightly roughened on the grain side. The grain side is the grained top side facing the hair. By roughening, nubuck leather shoes become very velvety and soft. They are very easy to grip and the structure is particularly easy to see. The material processing makes the leather very breathable.

Nubukleder Schuhe
However, nubuck leather shoes are also very sensitive. You have to take good care of your shoes because the material is very prone to stains. It is best to use a small brush to roughen the material. You can use this to remove dust and dirt from your nubuck leather shoes. If heavily soiled, you can clean the shoe with a brush under running water. Let the material dry slowly and well. Impregnation sprays make the material waterproof. There are special leather cleaning agents for stains that you can apply with a brush.