Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes have always been a synonym for style and elegance. These models are the most famous and classic men's shoes that can be found in a male shoe cabinet. Whenever a noble and solemn appearance of the world is desired, the men's Oxford shoes are the very first choice. The first models of this type were manufactured in Great Britain as early as around 1830.

Oxford Schuhe von Handmacher
Where else, than at the venerable Oxford University, could this highly elegant footwear originate? Legend has it that a group of students saw Oxford shoes as an expression of individuality. Until the middle of the nth century, shoe fashion was completely different at the time: boots, whether half-high or very high, were considered en vogue at the time. The young students wanted to counter this and so the new lace-up shoe established itself in the world of men's fashion.

Oxford shoes: the stylish classics with elegance

The Oxford shoes soon became the ultimate for men who prove class in every way of life and want to wear it to the outside world. A shoe in this range is easy to spot. Real Oxford shoes are laced closed. Footwear that looks similar but has an open lacing is called a derby. In contrast, the Oxfords are many times more elegant and a must in every shoe collection.

Oxford shoes are characterised by their clear lines and shapes, which exude their pure elegance. Elaborate decorations, so-called broguing, can therefore not be found on them in most cases. The Oxford shoes are not only easy to wear with business suits, they are also a must for elegant evening gowns such as a tuxedo. Famous singers already wore Oxford shoes at their legendary appearances in Las Vegas. This shows once again the timeless chic that these models have always exuded.