Party shoes must stand out

Men have far more options when it comes to choosing their shoes than some might think. There is a suitable shoe for every occasion, just like there are shoes that fit every occasion. You can find classic men's shoes made of leather in derby, monk strap or oxford style, but also sandals, ankle boots and lace-up shoes as well as a number of extravagant models, such as Spectator shoes and various party shoes.

Party shoes for long nights

Party shoes for men are of course in a class of their own. Even if the selection of party shoes for men is somewhat smaller than you are used to with women's shoes, this does not mean that men have to do without tasteful footwear. When choosing men's party shoes, there are a few important rules to consider. First of all, the party shoe should differ from the normal everyday shoe. Elegant lace-up shoes with a special design, such as brogues, are best suited for this. In contrast to the more classic shoes for office and everyday life, party shoes can be much more daring.

Partyschuhe von Handmacher
Party shoes should definitely be comfortable. This pair of shoes has to go through many different events, from dance evenings to theatre visits and cocktail parties. The shoe should fit well, should not pinch or pinch the foot and should be breathable if possible. Our first-class processed, wood-nailed men's shoes, which are handcrafted in the shoe manufactory, meet this requirement for exceptionally high wearing comfort.

Party shoes have to be comfortable

Which model you choose is certainly a matter of taste, but keep in mind that party shoes always make a statement about their wearer. Do you opt for a pair of casual, classic or even extravagant shoes? Do you prefer smooth or suede? Should your shoes be black, brown or maybe even black and white? Party shoes are a kind of figurehead of personal style. Always make sure that your party shoes look neat. Of course, we also offer appropriate shoe care products and shoe cleaning utensils.