Premium shoes by handmacher

Premium shoes from the House of Handmacher are the men's shoes for the modern and successful man who demands quality and durability. The timeless design of these classic men's shoes and the leather used combine to create elegant shoe fashion that is second to none. Each handcrafted men's shoe, which you can choose between smooth, braided or lavishly decorated with perforated patterns, is also characterised by an unprecedented level of comfort that you will enjoy with every step.

Handmacher Premium Schuhe
In more than 250 work steps, the premium shoes are made in the traditional Austrian handcraft and only in small series. Because every customer can choose his premium shoe from a range of colours and leather, depending on the model range, in the appropriate size between 5 and 13, intermediate sizes are also possible and can be selected from up to four different last widths. In this way, every single men's shoe convinces with a fit that can only be made to measure on customer request.

Premium shoes for business and leisure

No matter whether elegant braided shoes for summer or lined leather ankle boots for winter, with handmade men's shoes you always make a stylish choice. Premium shoes complete your daily business outfit and give you sovereignty and seriousness. But even during your free time or an official evening event, you do not have to do without the quality shoes from Handmacher. Because the selected calf leather for the inside of the shoe ensures a healthy shoe climate at all times and is a benefit for your feet even when worn for a long time.

All premium shoes are wood nailed and put together using technology that has been tried and tested for generations. Because the connection of the three main components of a shoe, bottom, insole and shaft, are meticulously handcrafted individually hammered wooden nails. This is the only way to make the men's shoe really stable, durable, with the right leather and shoe care, and of course can be repaired by a master hand if necessary will. Once you've worn premium shoes, you won't want to do without them again.