Red leather bags from Handmacher

Red leather bags are the perfect accessory for men who like it a little more unusual. The bags not only look classy, ​​they are also extremely practical with numerous sub-compartments in which you can store your products on the go. Red leather bags are made from stable saddle leather. The cowhide or calf leather used for this is vegetable, so only treated with vegetable substances. Through this tanning, the substances sit on the animal skin and roughen the material.

Rote Ledertaschen von Handmacher
This is how the structure of the skin comes into its own. Subsequent greasing protects the sensitive fibbers. A certain shade can already be achieved by tanning. However, these tones are very close to nature. For bright colours, red leather bags are also Coloured. Either the entire material or only the surface is Coloured. The structure of the material is preserved. Red leather bags are a must for extraordinary men. The range is large, from backpacks to shoulder bags.