Rendenbach soles from Trier

The sole from Rendenbach forms the perfect symbiosis of elegance and comfort. A fashion-conscious person dresses appropriately from the crown to the sole, which is why the sole of the shoe should adapt to the wearer's quality standards. For many men, their counterparts initially look at the shoes, as these contribute very significantly to the first impression of the person. Ultimately, the sole of the shoe is of fundamental importance in the truest sense of the word, because the sole of footwear is exposed to most loads. Quality is of crucial importance here, because high-quality men's shoes are ultimately only complete with a sole from Rendenbach.

Rendenbach soles are world famous

Since 1871, the Rendenbach sole has made a name for itself as an integral part of high-quality men's shoes. Johann Rendenbach jr. One day he founded his leather factory in Trier, from which he was already equipping high-quality men's shoes in the third tradition. Within a very short time, the Rendenbach sole has prevailed, so that the demand for custom-made products has risen sharply. The Rendenbach sole, which is now still being manufactured by Hanns Rendenbach in the fourth generation according to the old tradition, is so popular due to its oak basic tanning, because it represents the classic craftsmanship in perfection.

Very few shoe manufacturers master this technology. All products used for the sole are taken exclusively from nature. The oak basic tanning owes its name to the manufacturing process, which is also known as the old pit tanning process. In this way, the leather becomes very kind to the skin, which is essential for high-quality men's shoes. High-quality natural products such as first-class leather skins and the tannins are used for the Rendenbach sole. The oake recipe, which consists of spruce, mimosa and oak bark as well as the Valonia fruit, ultimately ensures a very special skin tolerance.

Rendenbach soles for premium shoes

If you want to buy high-quality men's shoes, you should make sure that they carry the JR brand seal. This guarantees high quality and maximum comfort. The soles of the Rendenbach brand are characterised by their light weight and an elegant grain pattern, without foregoing the practical elements of the air-conditioning effect.