How to care for Russia leather?

Russia leather is obtained from the skin of cattle or calves. The soft and supple leather is also known as russia leather or Juchten. The name comes from Russian and translates as "a couple". Shoes made from this leather are robust and last very long if properly cared for.
During the manufacturing process, the Russian leather is tanned with willow or birch bark and then greased with birch tar oil. This makes the Juchten leather impermeable to water, but still remains breathable. Although the leather is very robust, shoe care should not be forgotten here either. This is the only way to keep the Juchten leather like new for many years.

Juchtenleder Stiefel

Various products such as fat or wax are suitable for care. If the leather has been scratched, it will give it even more character, but should still be removed. A wax paste is best suited, with which scratches in the leather can be rubbed smooth again. In addition to waxing Russian leather, a special grease should also be used from time to time in shoe care. This ensures good care and protection.

Shoe care from Russia leather

Russia grease, which is only applied very thinly to the leather, is best suited. The fat ensures that the leather remains soft and supple, but still water-repellent. Evenly distributed, it is rubbed into the leather and can develop its full effect there. Shoes made of leather are not only heavily used from the outside, but also from the inside. Tanning oils are perfect for shoe care and are economical to use.

Proper shoe care - protection against external influences

Russia leather is a robust natural leather and needs the appropriate protection, which must be applied regularly. Wetness, rain, snow and ice also damage the best leather over time. If you still want to have shoes whose leather looks like new in years, waxes are also suitable for maintaining and impregnating the Russian leather. Leather grease makes the leather soft again, among other things, while wax provides an outer protective layer.