The saddle shoe and its origin

A saddle shoe? Are you also wondering what kind of model it is? However, the question is answered quickly when you see the essential features. This men's shoe is instantly recognizable. The saddle shoe has the special feature that two side parts starting from the shoe bottom form a bridge in which you can pick up the laces. In such a way you will be reminded of an attached saddle. This idea comes into its own even better if the bridge is designed in a different colour. The other versions are versatile. The saddle shoe is well known and popular, but it had not yet been successful in Europe.

Is it because of the time when the Americans were more interested in shoe fashion than the Europeans? In general, Europe was hardly interested in the latest trends from the United States at that time. In 1940, for example, the saddle shoe was a hallmark of female fans of famous musicians. Unfortunately, this intoxication never really spread to Europe. After the war there was no longer a youth movement where the saddle shoe matched the outfit. For example, penny loafers or cowboy boots were a hit in 1950. Therefore, he remained a casual footwear with the Americans.

The saddle shoe - a typical American men's shoe

These shoes were very popular with schoolchildren, students, teachers, etc. These men's shoes were worn with tweed jackets or chinos and mostly on weekends with a polo shirt, jeans and a sweater. The saddle shoe was only for leisure. There was even a posh variant for businessmen with dark suits. Despite the closed lacing and the simple, unadorned tip, they make the men's shoe look formal. Do you like American clothing? Then try it with a dark suit and brown saddle shoes. You can't equip yourself more American.

The saddle shoe has become rarer in men's shoes. Most of the time, if you want solid colour shoes, other types of shoes are preferred. The two-tone version with the intense tone of the saddle is usually too extravagant for the men's world. It is advisable to combine these types of shoes for men with suitable leather or colour combinations. There will certainly be very beautiful specimens to be examined.