Shell Cordovan belt by Handmacher

The high quality Shell Cordovan belts are a very popular accessory for elegant women and men. Due to the processing of luxurious horse leather, they are only available in very limited quantities. They still exist, the special leather manufacturers who obviously enjoy and convince their customers with above-average quality. Many of the operations required to manufacture these high-quality belts are still carried out by old masters.
Shell Cordovan belt by Handmacher

The upper leather of the Shell Cordovan belt consists of a pit tanned horse leather. This in turn impresses with a firm and dense grain. This guarantees an extremely long lifespan. For high-class people, for whom nothing is too expensive, these high-quality belts are an excellent gift idea. A fashionable and useful treasure that represents a certain value. Because the Shell Cordovan belts impress with their visible processing. Connoisseurs can see at first glance that these exclusive belts are not glued but sewn open. The surfaces are finished using a so-called mechanical gloss impact process.

Shell Cordovan belt for all occasions

Whether for important business appointments or especially festive occasions, with this elegant and extravagant belt, you can be seen everywhere.
Shell Cordovan belts not only promise to be hard-wearing, but also astound you with their long-lasting quality. They are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. The metal and pin buckles are also made of a noble material. They consist of a nickel-free zinc alloy, which bears the name Zamak. With Shell Cordovan Belts it is only logical to speak of one of the finest horse leather in the world. The models made up to three layers are individually sewn and varnished by hand. Every Shell Cordovan belt is unique.

Even the seam ends are perfectly closed by two knots. A crown is also made of leather, so the mandrel cannot leave its adjusted position. This fashionable utensil is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and rare accessories that belt manufacturers have to offer. Since only specially selected batches are processed by special cold-blooded animals, not much can be produced. The horse leather has a high wax content, an additional greasing of the leather belt makes no sense. Shoe polish or similar care products are in no way suitable for the special leather. It would become dull and unsightly in no time. For this reason, leather experts advise you to take a very ordinary woolen cloth for cleaning.