Shell cordovan shoes

Handmade shoes are the epitome of luxury and masculine style, with a well cobbled pair lasting for years unlike cheaper mass-market products. There's no doubt that handmade shoes are more expensive than factory-made pairs, but they represent an investment in both durability and style - and the most exclusive handmade shoes are those known as 'shell cordovan', which are the ultimate in sumptuous footwear for men who care about the impression they make.

The Luxury of Shell Cordovan Shoes

Shell cordovan shoes are made from a specific type of horse hide, and take their name from the Spanish town of Córdoba where the unique tanning process was invented and refined. Each horse provides only enough of this particular leather to make one pair of shoes, but such is the quality of the tanned hide that cordovan shoes are highly prized - the leather is the most non-porous and waterproof type that can be found, and is perfect for making top quality footwear.

Shell cordovan shoes

The rarity of the materials and the expertise needed to craft a pair of shoes that make the most of this precious leather means that shell cordovan shoes are a little more pricey than ordinary shoes, but are more than worth the expense. Handmade Shell Cordovan Shoes from Handmacher of Austria

Shell Cordovan Shoes by Handmacher Austria

The shell cordovan shoes' leather is luxurious in itself, but to achieve the perfect fit and most elegant style you should choose a master craftsman to make the shoes by hand. Handmacher of Austria have a long and illustrious history of making the finest of men's shoes from the finest of materials, and choosing a pair of handmade shell cordovan shoes from Handmacher will be a sound investment. Handmacher can craft flawless footwear with the perfect fit to suit your needs, and you can be sure that shell cordovan shoes will give the right impression whenever you need to impress.