A shoe cleaning box is the right place for shoe care

A shoe cleaning box is for all those the right solution, which has only a small number of care utensils for stowage and a shoeshine box would be oversized. The first thing to do is to clarify what all shoe polish, care and polishing brushes have to fit in the shoe cleaning box. After the space question has been clarified, other requirements must be checked. Living in the household small children, so it makes sense to buy a lockable shoe cleaning box, so that the little ones do not come to the care products and may injure themselves. There is a wide range of designs, from models with a simple combination lock to a shoe shine box with a safety key.

Shoe cleaning box made of wood
For men, who put a lot of emphasis on design and workmanship, only a high-quality shoe cleaning box made of fine wood comes into question. Here you can choose between different types of wood such as beech wood or walnut and be adapted to the home furnishings. Of course, a simple shoe plastic box for a few euros amounts, as they are offered, for example, in supermarkets or hardware stores from time to time, the same purpose.

Buy shoe cleaning box online

As large as the selection in terms of materials, sizes, processing qualities and colours is, so are of course the price differences in shoe cleaning boxes. Starting from single-digit Euro amounts for the simplest versions of plastic, over models of metal up to the exclusive designer pieces for several hundred or a thousand euros (almost) everything is to have.
Gentlemen with very unusual wishes and the highest demands on design and materials can also have their shoeshine case made to measure by a specialised supplier. These pieces then cost as much as a pair of custom shoes. There is nothing that does not exist. But one thing all shoeboxes have in common, they take care of the housekeeping and also make a good impression. What does MAN want more?