Shoe trees keep shoes in shape

With a shoe tree keep shoes that are rarely in use, their shape and existing gussets, which are created while running, are smoothed. Especially high-quality men's shoes should be cleaned after taking off and stretched with a shoe tree made of wood. The wood absorbs existing moisture from the upper and the leather is pulled smooth by the tensioning function. Even unpleasant odours are absorbed by the mostly untreated woods of the shoe tree.

Schuh Spanner von Handmacher
Like shoes, shoe trees are available in different shapes and sizes. In order to find the perfect fit for the men's shoes, buyers should either take enough advice or order the shoe tree to match the shoe. If you buy your shoe tree retrospectively to the shoe, you should select this one number under your own shoe size, so as not to strain the upper material too much. After removal, it is advantageous to ventilate the shoe tree sufficiently.