Shoe trees keep men's shoes in shape

Shoe trees are the most important accessories for the care and storage of men's shoes and must therefore not be missing in any men's household. The purchase of high-quality men's shoes made of the best leather can certainly be described as an investment in the present time and therefore the care of men's shoes is of central importance.

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It is all the more astonishing to note that the sales staff in the shoe stores after the purchase decision for a new pair of men's shoes only in the rarest cases actively offers the appropriate shoe trees. Shoe polish or, in particular, autumn and winter impregnation spray are usually offered to the customer as an additional item. There is no question that these care products are also important for maintaining the value of men's shoes, but the most important care product is and remains the shoe trees.

Shoe trees are part of the basic equipment

To prove the correctness of this statement, you can convince yourself by storing a men's shoe after undressing without the use of a shoe tree and use a shoe tree in the other men's shoe. Then allow the shoes the recommended break of at least twenty-four hours and then remove the men's shoe from the shoe trees and see the difference between the two shoes.
The result may surprise you (not) and impressively demonstrates the great benefits of shoe tensioners. When choosing, the customer is spoiled for choice between the most diverse materials, lengths, colours and, of course, prices. In general, quality is more important than quantity and therefore the choice should always be a high-quality shoe tree made of wood, because a good shoe tree lasts a lifetime.
It is important to buy the shoe tree in the same size as the men's shoes, as too loose a seat as well as a too tight. A too tight-fitting shoe trees holds the risk that the men's shoe is overstretched and irreparably damaged. Optimal care can be provided to men's shoes with the use of adjustable cedar shoe trees and the fragrant scent of cedar wood avoids offensive odours.