Shoehorn extra long

Shoehorns extra long or short are recommended for comfortably putting on low shoes. The range of shoehorns is large, in addition to different quality, different sizes can be used. High quality shoehorns are made of horn or stainless steel and are therefore very durable. Depending on the needs of the user, the size of the shoehorn plays a role. Use shoehorns extra long, especially if you put on your men's shoes while standing.

Schuhlöffel extra lang
Shoehorns are also recommended for people with restricted movements. There is also a small shoehorn for the briefcase, which can be used when there is no shoehorn on site. You can get shoehorns in shoe stores as well as online. However, the Internet usually offers a larger selection, in terms of quality and sizes. If you are unsure whether the shoehorn should be extra long or short, consider how to put on your men's shoes and what you consider comfortable.