A shoehorn protects the men's shoes when putting on clothes

The shoehorn makes it easier to put on men's shoes and also helps to extend the life of the shoe. Especially with new men's shoes, the leather is still a bit stiff at the beginning, but even with a men's shoe with closed lacing a shoehorn can provide valuable services. An important, if not the most important, part of a men's shoe is the so-called rear cap. This part gives the men's shoes the necessary stability.
When putting on your shoes without a shoehorn, you will inevitably press down this rear cap and damage it so severely that in the long run the entire construction of the footwear is damaged and cannot be repaired. By using a shoehorn, the foot slides into the men's shoe as if on a splint and the heel counter is not strained or damaged.

The shoehorn as an entry aid

Regarding the choice of material, it is secondary whether the shoehorn is made of plastic, horn, metal or wood. Much more important than the material is the build quality. Here, two points should be noted, on the one hand, the shoehorn must have no sharp edges. These could only damage the men's shoe in the best case, but in the worst case also the foot. For shoehorns made of wood and metal says that they cannot break, which often happens with a shoehorn made of plastic.

There are also a great variety of lengths, from very short to shoehorns with a length of 50 cm. These are often bought by older people, or those with limited freedom of movement. A tedious bending over when putting on the shoes omitted here as well as an excessive effort. A loop or eyelet at the end of the shoehorn allows easy hanging and the boarding aid for the men's shoes is always at hand.