Shoes in the office

The shoes in the office are an integral part of the existing dress code, which should be followed if you want to participate in everyday life in the office and want to be successful. For men, it is important to pay attention to shoes in the office that are subordinate to the mostly elegant overall picture. This means that men's sandals in summer or casual shoes are generally considered an absolute taboo, as suits and sandals or mules are not compatible. In addition, the shoes in the office should always be worn with men's knee socks in order to achieve a serious appearance.

Schuhe im Büro
As a woman, you have a slightly larger choice of shoes for the office. In winter, an elegant boot goes well with an office outfit, but you should avoid heavy, rustic boots. An elegant and businesslike appearance in the office also requires the right shoes in the office, so you should make sure to choose a classic shoe model even on warm days. Too fashionable variants are usually rather negative.