Shoes - Men's love it comfortably

Men's shoes are not as subject to fashion trends as women's shoes. Often, fashion-conscious gentlemen shy away from trying on shoes and wear their treadles if possible. Since men's shoes are rarely exchanged, men attach great importance to quality and comfort. Of course, the well-groomed man pays attention to high-quality men's shoes. Ideally, the shoes will fit on many occasions and different outfits. So, men prefer shoes in neutral black or brown.
Even classic models for men do not always look the same. Because shoes for men are available in a few modifiable basic variants. Particularly elegant is the Oxford, which is characterised by closed lacing. The slipper is also elegant. This type of men's shoe is particularly popular, because they are very comfortable due to soft leather and thin sole. Sportier are Norwegians shoes with clearly visible seams. In winter men like to wear ankle boots or boots. Men's ankle boots are usually a little more elegant shoes for men. They are similar to the Oxford but extend to a few inches above the ankle.