Handmade shoes with rubber sole

Shoes with a rubber sole are essential in autumn and winter. Because you should not only adapt your outfit to the weather conditions, but also your shoes. The quality of men's shoes plays a major role here, because cold and wet add to the materials. So that you don't start the cold season unprepared, you will find an exclusive selection for high-quality shoes with a rubber sole. Extravagant or conservative men's shoes from first-class brands from our range protect your feet from moisture and cold.

Handmacher Schuhe mit Gummisohle
This is important not only for well-being, but also for health. We offer our shoes with rubber soles made of high quality leather, which has been carefully processed. However, you cannot necessarily tell the quality of the men's shoes from our range by the price. Because it is important to us to keep them as small as possible. Take a look at our rubber sole shoes and see how elegantly a functional rubber sole flows into the design. Our shoes with rubber soles are real eye-catchers at work and in your free time.