Shoeshine boys maintain men's shoes on the go

Shoeshine boys are very rare in Germany, this offer a very useful service to society. In other countries, first and foremost the Arabs, shoe cleaning is a service like any other, and is welcomed by customers. So why are there so few shoeshine boys? Is it perhaps because we are not ready to pay for a pair of cleaned shoes? Or maybe there are just too few people who want to work as shoeshine boy?

Shoeshine boy - profession or service?

There are not a few people who are ashamed and therefore do not use the services of a shoeshine boy. Especially in public places with heavy public traffic, it is embarrassing, if someone takes care of their men's shoes in a bent position. On the other hand, many also consider the activity of a shoeshine boy as inhumane and therefore do not claim its services.
It is not as easy as it may seem to an outsider to clean shoes properly and to maintain them professionally. The shoeshine boy must at least have a good basic knowledge of leather science in order to select the right approach and the optimal care products. Since the clientele usually has very little time and often even less patience, the shoeshine boy has to deliver a professional and perfect result even under time pressure.
All in all, it is an extremely demanding activity and therefore a valuable service, which is also extremely poorly paid. And that's probably why we have so few shoeshine boy. It's not the very attractive combination of hard, physical work and bad pay. People who see working as shoeshine as a profession or vocation are and are likely to remain an absolute minority. - Unfortunately!