Correctly remove snow edges

Snow edges on elegant men's shoes are annoying. The beautiful quality footwear, which inspires with every outfit, is an unsightly sight with the light spots. Handmade shoes made from high quality suede and smooth leather should therefore be taken care of before going for a walk in winter. Suede and smooth leather like light care that keeps them supple and protects them from many external influences. Every now and then good men's shoes get dirty, so they have to be cleaned before care. In winter, snow edges can eat into the leather.

Snow edges are a danger to the leather

A high-quality impregnation is the best protection against the formation of snow edges. But once they are created, there are various ways to remove them. Because it is not the road salt or other foreign substances that are scattered on icy roads that are the reason for the snow edges. Some tanning and mineral substances are released from the natural leather structure by chemical reactions and form the light edges on the surface of the fine leather.

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Almost all snow edges can be removed inexpensively and safely with simple means. The leather is also not damaged when cleaning with the tried and tested household remedies. After spending time outdoors, where the light edges have formed, the shoes should be dried completely. Because leather can dry out through heat, heating heat is not recommended. The men's shoes should be allowed to dry slowly. Then nothing stands in the way of the gentle removal of the snow edges.

Treat snow edges with home remedies

If the coarsest dirt is removed with a soft cloth, lukewarm water mixed with a little vinegar essence is sufficient to effectively remove the snow edges from the leather. The high-quality men's shoes can also be gently rubbed with a cut lemon or onion on the light edges. If the snow edges have disappeared, it is advisable to treat them with good shoe wax or other leather care.