Sole Edge Dressing

Heel colour as an important part of shoe care, why? As a modern person, you know that shoes are a kind of business card. They are part of the overall appearance and can have a positive or negative influence. Well-groomed shoes are a kind of reflection of the wearer, including flawless, well-groomed and clean heels. A renewing, nourishing heel colour can quickly give a stressed men's shoe heel a new shine. The following text should explain why heel colour offers advantages over normal shoe polish.

Heel colour is also suitable for soles

Men's shoes with heels are still a privilege of high quality and above all healthy running shoes. There are differences in the different types of men's shoe heels, such as the English or the slightly higher American. If rubber or plastic heels are common for cheaper men's shoes, high-quality shoes usually have elaborate leather heels. Especially when it comes to shoes that are made by a master craftsman and not by machine, maximum comfort is practically a matter of honour. Such a men's shoes heel is made of different layers of the best leather. This guarantees excellent shock absorption.
High-quality shoes in particular need careful maintenance. But not only the upper leather, but also the sole and heels should be included intensively in shoe care. You know the problem with curbs, stairs or pedals when driving. There are quickly scratches on the heel or sole of the shoe. Such lesions can be repaired easily and safely with heel paint. Above all, the long-lasting and intensive re-colorings of a men's shoe heel works excellently with heel colour.

Pay attention to the matching colours for the heel colour

Heel colour is made on an oil-wax basis. The basic colours black and brown are always available, with brown being darker and lighter. The decisive advantage of heel colour is the high opacity. This differentiates them from the mainly nourishing shoe polish. Well-cleaned heels and soles experience dual benefits with carefully applied heel paint (sponge or brush). After drying, they look like new and are again less sensitive to weather influences. Effort that pays off!