Handmacher suede boots

Wildlederstiefel von Handmacher

The suede boots, ankle boots and shoes on the market are not made from genuine suede as assumed, but are often made from suede, which has a confusingly similar surface. Good leather is not just high-quality leather - there are an infinite number of types and types of leather - from suede for suede boots to suede for pumps to smooth leather and nubuck leather. Each variety is delightful in its own way and only rounds off the entire outfit. In contrast to suede, leather is a tanned animal skin that, depending on the animal species, has a smooth surface on one side and a roughened surface on the back.

Suede is a full substitute for suede boots

Suede, on the other hand, can only be obtained from the skins of animals that live in the wild, such as deer, roe deer, elk, or antelope, which naturally have a velvety and short-haired fur. Since these are not so often available for the production of suede, suede boots and shoes are increasingly used in suede. Suede is leather, the surface of which has been sanded like a velvet and which the layman can hardly distinguish from suede. In addition, suede has an excellent structure that comes into its own with suede boots or shoes.