Suit shoes must be high quality and comfortable

Suit shoes are like the name already betrays men's shoes, which are worn to suit. Contrary to the general opinion and opinion that suit shoes must always be black and only an Oxford as a suit shoe is eligible, both other colours, as well as other men's shoe models as a suit shoes wearable. This fact becomes particularly clear when looking at neighbouring foreign countries. Italian men wear as a suit shoes also like a brown men's shoe to dark blue suit and even a suit shoe made of suede is not a breach of style in the Italians. American men naturally wear a loafer as a suit shoe.

Suit shoes Handmacher Primus
For the English gentleman and gentleman such fashionable derailments are of course inconceivable, because for him is only a black Oxford the only proper suit shoe. Even a classic black Half Brogue derby does not fit his foot as a suit Shoe But one thing is beyond all limits always a prerequisite for a good suit shoe, and indeed the quality. Suit shoes should always be made of the best leather qualities and one of the high-quality styles, such as the welted, wood-nailed or sewn-through design. High-quality suit shoes perfectly round off the appearance and emphasise your own personality and style.