Unpaired shoes by Handmacher

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical body, having feet of different sizes is actually quite common. Yet, finding the best unpaired shoes with a great fit and high levels of comfort can be difficult if you're a man with feet of two totally different sizes. It's even harder to source great shoes when your feet have a disparate length and width, causing problems at work and times of leisure.

Source top quality unpaired shoes for business or leisure

Choosing unpaired shoes of the highest quality is the best solution when feet are different sizes. The Handmacher lines of luxury, handmade shoes for men provide the highest levels of comfort, combined with a distinctive appearance that's perfect for business or casual wear. When your diary is crammed with business meetings or leisure pastimes, and you need to rush between locations, wearing stylish shoes that have been individually designed to suit the measurements of each foot ensures every day runs smoothly.

Unpaired shoes from Handmacher Shoes Austria

Handmacher shoes are handmade and feature a distinctive and traditional wood nailing technology. The skilled craftspeople at Handmacher use the finest leathers and materials for every shoe that's produced. Your unpaired shoes from Handmacher will be durable and stylish, giving you the confidence to achieve your daily goals without experiencing the irritating pain or discomfort that can be associated with ill-fitting shoes.

Handmacher unpaired shoes for gentlemen

Sourcing unpaired shoes direct from the High Street can mean settling for two shoes with slightly different colours or tones, sunlight and age cause fading on some of the inexpensive brands of shoe leather. You certainly won't notice discernible differences in the cut, style or quality of your unpaired shoes from the distinguished Handmacher brand. It's always wise to consider all the benefits provided by luxury goods, handmade shoes are no exception! If you have experienced the problems associated with buying unpaired shoes in the past, you will appreciate the care and attention paid to ensuring the fit and style of every pair of Handmacher shoes is customised to the needs of the wearer.