Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather maintains the naturalness of the material and allows it to remain breathable. Only natural tannins are used in the processing process. This is ecologically valuable and has the further advantage that allergic reactions and skin irritation do not occur. Since vegetable tanned leather does not contain any chemical compounds, the natural protection and breathability are preserved and ensure particularly high-quality product properties with this leather.

Vegetable tanned leather in its most natural form

By not coating the surface, the leather looks very natural and therefore particularly appealing. The animal skin knows how to impress both in terms of its appearance and its properties, and offers a way of avoiding chemical processes and changes in the surface if you prefer leather shoes and leather clothing.

With sensitive skin and known contact allergies, you could react to the chemical tanning process with eczema and allergies. This problem does not arise in the ecological process, since vegetable-tanned leather does not contain any substances that can cause irritation and thus contact allergy in contact with the skin. In all important aspects of environmental and health protection, tanning does not use any aids that damage nature and are not necessary for the sustainable processing of leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a solution for people who appreciate the natural properties of leather and consider environmental protection as an important point in their philosophy of life.

Since it is not just the preservation of natural properties and environmental protection that are criteria for you as a customer, it is worth taking a look at the advantages that vegetable-tanned leather brings. If vegetable-tanned leather comes into contact with the sweat of the skin, no chemical components are released from the material. There are various options for tanning with plant substances, which assert themselves in the non-chemical processing of leather.