Water buffalo leather shoes by Handmacher

Water buffalo leather is obtained from the skins of the Asian water buffalo (Bubalus arnee), also known as house buffalo. The domesticated animals live in China, India and Southeast Asia. Small game populations, mostly derived from overgrown house buffalos, also occur in northern Australia. The water buffalo leather processed in Europe is usually imported from Thailand. Because of its tear resistance and the distinctive grain pattern, house buffalo leather is preferred for furniture as well as for bags and backpacks.

Wasserbüffelleder Schuhe von Handmacher
The same properties recommend the material for processing in high-quality men's shoes. In terms of its characteristics, it is not unlike European cowhide, but it is more characteristic as a full-grain product. Since the reticular layer of the water buffalo leather is thicker than that of the cow leather, the raw material is extremely hard-wearing. Accordingly, shoes made from water buffalo leather are particularly durable. Like any open-pored leather, house buffalo leather tends to develop a patina after a while, which gives the product its very own charm.