Welted men's shoes offer many advantages

Frame-stitched men's shoes are the dream of every lover of high-quality men's shoes. Because the elegant models have a very elegant appearance and also have a very long shelf life, since only the best materials are used. In 1872, Charles Goodyear Junior patented the welted manufacturing method with the simple designation "Goodyear Welt", which from then on was to enrich the world of men's shoes immensely. But surely you ask yourself, what is so special about these modern men's shoes. First and foremost, welted men's shoes have some significant advantages, such as the upper, i.e.., the entire upper which has been sewn to the insole through the frame by means of an invisible stitching.

The frame in this case is an approximately 3 mm wide leather strip, which in turn is connected to the outsole by a second seam. Thus welted men's shoes thus describe the method of how the shaft is attached to the insole. Earlier, the shoes were made by hand, the production is nowadays usually by the so-called Goodyear machine. Now the question arises as to why straight welted men's shoes guarantee high quality. First of all, there is the seam that you will not feel inside the shoe. In addition, hand-sewn men's shoes are much more stable but also more durable compared to the glued models.

Welted men's shoes are popular worldwide

Thus, moisture can never penetrate into the shoe. The cork lining between the outsole and the insole ensures a constant and pleasant foot climate. The cork layer also acts as insulation, so you will have warm feet in winter and get no sweaty feet in summer. The welted men's shoe will also inspire you by an optimal fit, as formed after the warm-up of the individual foot bed and adapts to your feet. Important for you is certainly the fact that welted men's shoes are easy to repair and so worth a purchase even in the longer term. For example, if the sole has expired and needs to be renewed it can easily be replaced by the shoemaker, which is considerably cheaper than a new purchase.

Incidentally, welted men's shoes have a long tradition, as archaeological finds prove. The cow muzzle, which replaced the widespread beak shoe in the nth century, was already welted. For welted men's shoes only the best materials are used, which is reflected in the price, but do not be put off by it. For once you have worn high-quality, welted men's shoes you will certainly no longer resort to inexpensive men's shoes.