Wicker shoes for the summer

Wicker shoes are a popular trend not only in women's fashion, but also in men's fashion. If you are looking for trendy men's summer shoes, wicker shoes are ideal. Shoes with braided patterns are available in different colours and designs for a business outfit, for leisure, for a dinner and also for a trip with the family.

Flechtschuhe von Handmacher

In classic colours like brown or black, but also in fashionable colours of the season, wicker shoes are ideal men's summer shoes for every occasion and every outfit. It is best to match the colour of your men's summer shoes to your outfit and choose a look that is guaranteed to attract attention. Men's wicker shoes are available with and without lacing, in flat and half-high form, with buckle or zipper, as well as in a very elegant form with additional applications for the wickerwork. The advantages of braided shoes are versatile and are based, for example, on the breathable design offered by the wickerwork.

Wicker shoes as climate compensation in summer

You can wear these men's summer shoes on very hot summer days and you will appreciate their comfort, comfort and good ventilation. So that wicker shoes look elegant, you should adjust the socks to the colour of your shoes and never wear colourful fashion socks. It is best to choose socks for sneakers with flat models, as they do not protrude far beyond the shoe and could thus attract attention when sitting.

Classic or very trendy wicker shoes perfect every business outfit or look for leisure. Since the shoes are not completely closed by the wickerwork, the feet do not sweat. Depending on the version and model, braided shoes can be combined with long or half-length trousers, sporty short shorts or elegant cloth trousers and a suit. Braided shoes are the new men's summer shoes for trendsetters who attach great importance to the visual appearance as well as the comfort and the high quality of footwear when buying shoes.