Wood nailed shoes by Handmacher

Wood nailed shoes are men's shoes that are characterised by excellent quality, durability and exclusivity. Branded shoes from the company Handmacher are a guarantee for high-quality men's shoes of the best quality. These premium shoes are sold exclusively through selected specialist dealers and small shoemaker companies, where competent advice on models, lasts, types of leather and leather colours as well as the various possible combinations is provided.

Wood nailed shoes - tradition in perfection by Handmacher

The Handmacher company traditionally manufactures its shoes with the now very rare wooden nailing machines. This manufacturing method has been almost completely forgotten. Wood-nailed shoes do not need fixing seams in the area of ​​the shoe sole. Instead, the frame is connected to the shaft, the insole and the outsole of the shoe by means of small wooden nails, which makes the shoe a permanent unit, very flexible and offers perfect support. An advantage of this design is that wood-nailed shoes can be repaired quickly. The uncomplicated repair is quick and inexpensive.

holzgenagelte Schuhe


Handmacher offers three different collections of different quality and price levels. The Trend, Classic and Primus collections are aimed at target groups who share the desire for a durable, high-quality shoe. The last shapes are available in three widths and two instep heights, and the buyer's foot shape can also be adapted to the wearer with a large selection of insoles, foot bed shapes or partial soles.

Once you have ordered a shoe from Handmacher and have gone through the fitting process, you will never have to do it again, because the data is saved and reused for the next custom-made shoe, which takes about four weeks to produce. With good care, wood-nailed shoes from Handmacher can last for decades. The company's own repair service repairs the shoes when necessary so that there is hardly any difference to a new pair. To complete the offer, the inclined customer can get a suitable belt or briefcase for every leather from which his shoes were made.