Wood shoe trees are part of the right men's shoe care

Wood shoe trees are probably the most exclusive way to keep his men's shoes in shape and thus to preserve the value. The selection of shoe straps is so big that there is something for every taste and of course budgets. In principle, all shoe trees fulfil the demands placed on them to keep the men's shoe in shape in the same way. Nevertheless, there are big differences in terms of the different materials. Shoe trees made of plastic have the big disadvantage that they break very easily and the life is so very limited.
The undoubted best option here are the wooden shoe trees, in many ways. Wood, like leather, is a natural material, both are breathable, and that may be the biggest advantage. The human foot gives on average a shot glass of moisture (sweat) to the men's shoe during the day. That's why it's so important to give men's shoes a rest for a day.

Wood shoe trees are worth their money

This is exactly where the great advantage of the wood shoe tree comes into play, as it absorbs the moisture in the men's shoe like a sponge and releases it back into the air through its surface. The drying process with a wooden shoe tensioner is much faster than with a plastic shoe tree.
The higher purchase price of a wooden shoe trees compared to a plastic shoe tree has to be seen in relative terms, since the lifespan of a shoe tree made of wood is much higher than that of a plastic shoe tree. We cannot spend a lot of money for a shoe trees, or may from time to time make a bargain on special offers in the trade. In terms of sustainability, too, the wood shines shoe trees with top marks, as it does not only last a (men's shoe) life, but is virtually indestructible. So in fact an investment for life.